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We offer professional, knowledgeable tax preparation at competitive rates.  We take the mystery out of taxes, and provide actionable advice to make positive changes in your life for the upcoming year.



Small Businesses / 

Rental Properties / Investments

Nonresidents / Expats /

Like-Kind Exchanges / 

Tax Planning / Retirees /

High-Income Taxpayers


Experienced: Our principal, Allen Bress, has 17 years of tax preparation experience, working with hundreds of loyal clients on simple and complex returns, teaching tax courses, and representing clients before the IRS.


Professional: With his background as an attorney, Allen Bress truly understands your taxes, explains them in plain English, and fights to save you as much as possible.

Safe: We are set up to provide remote, one-on-one service.  With our secure client portal, you can rest assured that both you and your documents will remain safe and secure. 

Forward-Looking: We help you plan for your future.  We provide tax strategies tailored to your needs.  Whether it's for retirement planning, estimated taxes, maximizing deductions, saving for college, changing jobs, or other life changes, we can help.

Personal: We take the time to get to know you.  Your complete satisfaction is important to us.  We take pride in providing great service, in a friendly and caring atmosphere.



In these trying times, we are pleased to offer safe, remote tax preparation.  We have options for everyone. 

Working Old-School


For clients who prefer traditional methods, no problem.  You can get us your documents by mail or FedEx.  If you prefer, you can drop them off at our Coolidge Corner office.  There is a mail slot in the office door.  If you want to be sure that we are there to receive them, please call ahead. 


Once we have your paperwork, we'll talk.  We'll schedule a phone appointment.  We need to ask questions, to be sure we get your taxes right.  We also want you to feel free to ask whatever questions you have. 


Tax planning is often part of our appointment.  Whether you want to set up estimated tax payments for the current year, understand the tax implications of upcoming events, or do some longer-term planning, we're happy to help.


When your taxes are complete, we need to get your signatures so that we can e-file the tax returns.  We'll email the signature pages to you, or mail them with a stamped, self-addressed envelope.  Just sign and date the paperwork, and pop them in the mail.  When we get them back, we can file your taxes. 


Finally, we also need to get you copies of the completed returns, and get your original documents back to you.  We'll mail them to you, generally within a few days.  If you prefer, we can have them ready in the office for you to pick up.

Working Virtually 


For our more tech-savvy clients, we have additional options.  You can scan documents, and upload them to our secure client portal.  Hosted by Thompson Reuters, it is among the most secure in the industry. 


Once we've had time to go through your paperwork, we'll talk.  We can talk by phone, or meet virtually on Zoom or a similar platform.  We can review your tax returns in progress in real time. 


We'll upload a digital copy of your tax returns for you to review.  Once everything is in order, you can sign with our convenient and secure e-signature.  Then we can e-file your taxes. 


You'll get digital copies of your tax returns.  If you'd like, we can also mail you hard copies, or you can pick them up at the office. 



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Allen Bress, J.D.

Attorney / Tax Guru

Our principal, Allen Bress, is a tax attorney with 17 years of tax preparation experience.  He takes pride in solving problems, and helping clients plan for the future.  Allen has worked with hundreds of loyal clients on returns both simple and complex, he has taught numerous tax courses, and he has successfully represented clients before the IRS.

Allen thoroughly explains your taxes in plain English, and fights to save you as much as possible.

Working with Us
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